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Teaching at Rutgers University
  1. Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, Rutgers University
    ⊲ Food Safety and Health Policy (undergraduate)
    ⊲ Microeconomics Theory with Applications (graduate)
    ⊲ Research Methods in Agricultural Economics (gradudate)
  2. Department of Nutrition Science, Rutgers University
    ⊲ Problem Solving Using Food, Nutrition, and Business Information: Junior/Senior Colloquium (undergraduate) (Led by Prof. Sherman in Nutrition Department)

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Teaching at Texas A&M University

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University
    ⊲ AGEC317: Economic Analysis for Agribusiness and Management (undergrauate)
    ⊲ AGEC485: Cross-cutting Issues in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics (undergraduate)
    ⊲ AGEC636: Markets, Welfare, and Policy (graduate)
    ⊲ AGEC695: Frontier Course in Markets and Information (graduate)
    ⊲ AGEC689: Economics of Biosecurity (graduate)

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Last Modified: August 25, 2012